About Me

I am a painter, sculptor and 3D visualization and animation instructor at local Technical College in Miami Florida. Prior to teaching,  I worked as a Graphic Designer for fourteen years for several companies licensed by Honda, NFL, MLB and Disney in the development of designs and preparation of artwork for the production of garments.

In addition, I worked as a concept and product development artist for Warner Brothers and the Cartoon Network Corporation.

I have earned a Master of Science Degree in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and a Master of Science degree in Educational leadership.

My teaching philosophy centers on the believe that the teacher's role is to guide, providing access to information rather than acting as the primary source of information by developing students hands-on activities and collaborative training to reinforce the lesson being studied will create an opportunity for individual discovery and construction of knowledge to occur.

I have always had an ability to draw, I remember drawing since I was six years old. I also remember the first time I used paint; I was around 10 years old when my dad brought home a tube of acrylic paint which I remembered to be green.

I am myself taught artist because I come from a small town where the art school had a small enrollment and I was not chosen to attend. Many artists will often discount the value of formal study, and although the painting itself is the best teacher, I wish I had been formally trained, I believe exposure of your work to others it’s always better since it can help setting goals to set your sights upon as some of us that are not as talented by giving us a measure of where you are in the hierarchy.

Creating art has always been very enjoyable as well as to a degree an effective therapy to control my emotional swings and ADD. Many people have asked me how my work reflects my life, so I answer, that it carries no deeper significance than my love for hyperrealism, Religion, and the human form, as well as fantasy art.

So how do I begin to create my imaginary pictures, I think the answer to the eternal question, where do you get your ideas from? Obviously, they come from my head but in fact they come from existing life and our natural world, The immediate environment is a great source for ideas, which shapes my magic.

This odyssey of imagination need not to be deliberate or controlled, It is more effective when I let it happen Naturally Instead of straining to achieve an idea, so when I relax ideas flow Through my body without much effort.

Often enough inspiration begins with looking at other great artist's work or A specific job manuscript, or even by my favorite movie.



My creative methods welcome the viewer to engage into a universe open to exploration and imagination. My array of visual communication has developed as a result of having worked in a hybrid between fine art and digital visual design.

I am attracted to the exceptional conveyed on to you by a demonstration of visual 2D and 3D communication. As far as I am concerned, creative practice is significant to acquire imaginary correspondence theory that can possibly offer us a different viewpoint on nature, our present and our future as well.

My methodology is always consistent, although, I may use unconventional techniques and materials or at times even utilize different artistic styles to communicate my interests and studies on a given topic.